I ain't 'fraid of no ghost...

Joey Blake

Nearly ten years ago, I first laid eyes on a wordpress install. I was working for a startup building dynamic flash applications. Our intention was to blog about the things that we were doing. That never really happened, and I remember getting comments that our blog was pinging technorati with our test posts.

Tinkering excites me.

I get far more excited about building things, and solving problems than I do about documenting or commentary. In the years since then, I've installed a couple of other blogs only to lose interest and let them stagnate.

I decided around 2009 that it would be nice to try and document some of the technical problems that I had trouble finding solutions for. So I did, and I started writing blog posts on http://codenimbus.com. It doesn't get updated often, but there are some posts there that people have found helpful, and that was the point. I'll continue to post technical things there, unless it makes more sense to consolidate, but I'm unsure.

When I saw that http://ghost.org was finally released. I wanted to play with it, so I thought I'd start another blog to experiment with a new genre. I love telling stories, and I want to see how they'll translate to a textual format.

As for ghost? So far this is a sweet little platform. I look forward to writing some codes for it.